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Enough already! - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Enough already! [Mar. 20th, 2007|11:10 am]
So, now I've got the coughing up gobbets of lung, not having a voice version of the plague.


This is the third time I've been sick since Christmas. What the hell have I done to piss off the gods this much? I know, dating someone on a regular basis has really cut into the whole sacrificing virgins thing and sure, I'm a glass-half-empty person, so I understand that happiness must be punished...but this smacks of gratuitousness. I mean, really ant season has started, and box elder bugs are right around the corner. Unless we're going to skip the whole plagues of insects thing this year, in which case, fine, I'll go buy another box of tissues.

Warning: The next person who tells me what a stupid idea it was to drive up to Connecticut on Friday will be summarily executed. No appeals, no nothing. Remember, I can bone a chicken with my bare hands...you won't even know what happened to you.

So yeah, it DID take 11 hours for what is normally a 6 hour drive. Wouldn't have taken so long if I'd left when I'd planned and not several hours later, after trying desperately to get done all of the things that I really needed to get done before I left. Wouldn't have taken so long if people in SUVs understood that 4 wheel drive is not going to save your ass if you're going 70 miles an hour over icy roads in sleet and freezing rain. Wouldn't have taken so long if more people understood that the way to get out of that parking space at the rest stop is to accelerate very slowly, very steadily, slowly turning your steering wheel back and forth just a little bit to get purchase. Oh yeah. And understand the difference between rear and front wheel drive and make make sure THAT'S the end that's at the front of your parking space, ready to pull your ass out of the snow bank you just drove into.

On the plus side, no one called the police on me when I screamed at them to get the hell out from behind the wheel and stand aside, I would move their bloody car because that was clearly the only way I was going to get out of the parking lot myself. (Amazing how passive bad weather makes people. Although maybe it was the bloodshot eyes, the icicles frozen to my nose, or the florescent yellow cast that 9 hours of drinking Diet Mountain Dew gave me)

I got up there, anyhow. And it actually didn't seem that long, if I didn't look at the clock. Being able to check in with lots of folks via the phone and take care of a lot of Faire business helped (hey, I'm not a huge fan of cell phone while driving, but really when you're going 10mph for hours at a time...). And this little radio station that usually just comes in in Southern CT and New York got great reception all the way to Durham...and apparently the DJs didn't show up and it was left to the engineer to play all of his favorites, with minimal interruptions, except for call letters. And dude had good, and eclectic taste!

Plus there was that whole enduring-an-ordeal-thing that my German/Danish ancestry really gets off on.

Nice visit with my parents. Nice visit with friends -- including an entire bottle of Pyrat XO Rum (the Buddha bottle) that pretty much three of us drank. My niece's birthday party at the Laser Tag place...which, between the laser tag area, the arcade area and the horde of 12 year olds...was a bit much for me. But cute as hell, since this was the first party that Maya invited BOYS to...watching the boys and girls circle each other, the cycle of interest, embarrassment, disinterest. Just like MDRF! (kidding...they were all sober.)

The trip back was a breeze -- but of course, by then the Clogged Lung Fairy had moved in. But at least I'll be better by rehearsal this weekend. And it's going to be warm, whee!

[User Picture]From: majorchaos
2007-03-20 05:03 pm (UTC)
Pyrat XO Rum... with the buddha tag... ummm... yummy!
I need to find me some of that stuff around here.
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[User Picture]From: mistressfetch
2007-03-21 12:34 am (UTC)
I have so missed you!!! What happened to your traveling partener?

At least the 12 year olds probably didn't tell you that you were old :-)

Rehearsal..oh the joys!! You'd be proud of me though..Jen actually called me a nag today!! I was trying to get her to do her Vendor coordinator job dammit!!! :-)
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