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Bed rest, ha! - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bed rest, ha! [Oct. 13th, 2008|01:32 pm]
It's best, really, if I just stay healthy. Because while I'm not good at a lot of things: tennis, singing, drawing, sewing, golf, running, remembering birthdays, glass juggling, just to name a few...I really, really suck at taking it easy.

So I beg off of most of the Faire day on Saturday, despite the fact that the weather was lovely, I still haven't seen any of the shows I promised myself I'd check out, have done NO Christmas shopping, etc., etc., I decided to be a grown-up and spend most of the day resting so that my back will HEAL. (Plus, okay, that's how bad it HURT. That spending the day curled in a fetal ball sounded like more FUN.)

Thanks to Hemloche picking up the Captain Friday night and lovely Fetch granting him bunkspace, I could even sleep in on Saturday. So, I watched United States of Leland on the couch, covered in cats, being poked by spastic, sleeping greyhound paws, self-medicating with a bottle of wine and indulging in a little weep fest, indulging in the sad of broken-winged people.

First mistake was not copying Percy on the sleeping-in memo, as he and his jacked-up broken tail were ready and raring to go on their 6am walk. Which we did, and miracles of miracles, after a little bit of breakfast and some time with the ice pack, I managed to fall asleep for another two hours! Some gentle stretching and contemplating of how I could get house and Pyrate camp supplies attained with as little time spent in the car as possible.

I decided that the Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's were my best options for maximizing shopping list completion while minimizing car and shopping time. The Farmer’s Market took longer than expected, of course. I brought Percy so that he could get a little more exercise and mental stimulation, since limping around the block with me was probably getting old. And I wanted to abide by the “don’t be lifting stuff” rule, so I’d stop at a booth, get a small amount of stuff, head back to the car to unload, head out to another booth. But of course, in either direction, all of Percy’s fans had to stop us, chat, do some petting, asking greyhound questions, talk about Willow...the three of us graced the cover of the local weekly, once, and when the dogs were younger we used to walk all over town, so it’s sort of like walking around MDRF with the Captain. (Some day I’m going to find a walking companion that no one knows, just so that *I* can feel like the celebrity.)

But hey, I’ll put up with anything in the interest of getting more greyhounds adopted, so it was worth it (he’s so CALM and gentle...yup ) although it did add an extra half hour to the adventure. As did finding the new chocolate vendor. OMG. Very good. All organic, no refined sugar, he makes his own butter. Frankly, I don’t really care if he uses refined sugar or not. It’s chocolate. If you want to be eating something healthy, eat a piece of fruit or a veg. Chocolate is (sadly) such a small part of my diet…so, who cares. Except of course, this chocolate was awesome. Secretly, I believe he could use refined sugar and non-organic and then he’d be making awesome chocolates that I could afford...because it's the CARE he takes that makes them wonderful...but the Captain deserved a treat for taking such good care of ME, so I blew $10 on four very small, but very good truffles. And as the ex-candy buyer for Dean & Deluca, we had to talk candy for a while which ate up more time.

Anyway – it’s clear to you how a quick trip to the farmer’s market took two hours. I won’t even recount how I got all tied up in a discussion of the best cooking apples. But finally, I could trot home drop off Percy and make four trips inside with the goodies so that I didn’t overburden myself.

And off to Trader Joe’s, where I did a pretty major shopping, so that this week, I could get dinner done fast and get the heck off my back. And I was a good girl. Instead of manhandling my six bags out to the car myself, I left them in the shopping cart so that I could drive the car up and load them in one at a time.

Okay, so home a little later than I’d planned, but near noonish, and just enough time to get upstairs and have a good laydown before it was time to shower and suit up for a late afternoon shift at MDRF. Until I went to unload the bags from Trader Joes. That were still sitting in a shopping cart back in Rockville outside the store. Augh! And Percy has heard the car in the driveway and is hysterical, so I go get him, load him into the car, call the store, drive back, pick up the groceries (that the store was kind enough to wheel back into the walk-in so that everything didn’t melt) and come back and unload.

So, now I’m running late on the whole resting thing. Time to try taking Pepcid, then naproxen, because naproxen, despite being the only thing that will settle any aches and pains for me, now gives me ferocious heartburn. I tried taking it in the morning. Take the Pepcid ten minutes to an hour before the naproxen, then…except I forgot, never took the naproxen and it was time to get going. So, put the Pepcid in my mouth, realize I need a glass of water to wash it down. Somehow in getting ice for the glass of water, I manage to juggle the glass in such a way that it hits the edge of the fridge handle, shatters and splashes all over the kitchen. Hmm. So much for not bending, not lifting, not spending a half an hour mopping up water and glass from all over the floor. If only I weren't addicted to ice...

But fine, I’m okay with being later than promised, I have time to run upstairs (only joking, of course I walked carefully) to get a whopping 45 minutes of laying down before it was time to head out.

So, a day of staying home to rest and relax resulted in a whopping 2 hours 45 minutes of actual relaxation and rest and a buttload of frenzied, stressful activity.

So that, my friends, is why spending all day Sunday at Faire was actually better for my back than staying home and “resting”.

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[User Picture]From: mistressfetch
2008-10-14 12:08 am (UTC)
hmmmm at least you didn't have the bright idea to go salsa dancing Friday evening...ummmm just sayin' :-)

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[User Picture]From: terribleturnip
2008-10-14 02:17 pm (UTC)
I believe my exact words, when someone tattled on you, were "What the F*** was she thinking?" Let me see if I can kick my pain med habit by f-ing up my back even more than...oooh, I'd put you over my knee and spank you...which would probably hurt us both. On the other hand, we'd also be able to sell tickets...
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