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Things I struggle with... - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Things I struggle with... [Apr. 29th, 2009|12:04 pm]

Pajamas. Everytime I see someone with a really cute pair of pajamas, I think “oooh, I so need a pajamas. This is crazy that I’m still t-shirting it.” And then I get an e-mail that Soma’s having a sale on PJs and I think “there, go for it. You’ve meant to” and I look and think “yeah, but really, why am I spending money on something that I would then have to take off before I get into bed?” Because there is no way I can wear a button top and pants to bed. A t-shirt is barely tolerable. I’m restless. I wake up with whatever I’m wearing in a stranglehold around my neck.

Pump-top Dispensers. Seriously. Am I the only person on the face of the earth who stands there twisting and twisting, pulling and yanking, trying to get that damn dispenser to pop up so I can get some soap pumped? (Yes, children, with very little editing, that could sound VERY wrong) But I’m too frustrated by not being able to get into the hand soap this morning. I finally gave up and used the one from like seven dispensers ago, that I keep re-using because I’m too lame to get the new one open. The new ones don’t even have the directional arrow on them, so even if you remember righty-tighty, lefty-loosey, after ten minutes of turning and turning and…it’s easy to convince yourself that the rhyme is only applicable to screws and faucets and for heaven’s sake try the other direction you’ve got things to do places to go god no that isn’t working either gah! The few I’ve managed to get open were either so easy that it makes me think there’s something defective with all of the others. And the few times I’ve managed to get the difficult ones open, I’ve messed around with them in so many ways, in so many ways that by the time it DOES open, I have no idea how I got there. Did I just wear it down finally? Or was it some arcane combination of twist left, four twists right, pull, twist left twice, push down, swear profusely, twist left frantically seven times?

Keyboard letters. My index fingers are more acidic than the rest of my fingers. I’ve had to replace the “v”, “n”, and “m” keys on my keyboard at work already and they’re already wearing off. Oddly enough, not the “j” and “f” where my fingers rest. Perhaps the acid gland is on the side of those fingers. Although the “b” seems to be fine. “B”s are sturdier stock, apparently. Or, perhaps it’s because there are only ever “v”, “n”, and “m” involved when I have a computer issue and have to type in arcane system/admin-set passwords! See, I don’t have an IT fairy at home to replace my worn off keys. So, there was no joy yesterday evening, when trying to get my modem reset and running again and all of the passwords involved included the worn off keys. I’m a touch typist, so normally I never notice the loss. Until I get a V78M99N4M kind of password. Then, ladies and gentlemen, I am well and truly screwed. To the point where the tech person says “hey, how about I take control of your screen. Can I do that?” because it’s probably not every day they have their PITA customer asking “okay, so on the keyboard, is it the “m” or the “n” that’s next to the “b”? It’s a good thing I’m not a tech person. I would take control of EVERYONE’S screen. Right away.

[User Picture]From: armitige3
2009-04-29 04:29 pm (UTC)
Since you're a touch typist, you can simply get yourself Das Keyboard and be done with it. :)
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[User Picture]From: ferlonda
2009-04-29 08:09 pm (UTC)
Oooh, great website! I really like the fish training kit. Makes me wish I had a fish.
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