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Overestimating your Interestingness - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Overestimating your Interestingness [Jan. 21st, 2010|09:51 am]


Stop people. Stop.

No one gives a rat's patoot what you buy. Well, those who DO are people you probably don't want tracking you anyway...

Learn to be interesting, learn to be funny, learn to be clever, or learn to be private.

Pick at least one.

No wonder LJ is a bastion of oldsters who gracefully use filters and lists to sort who might be interested, who might not...in any given topic.

There are things I like about Facebook -- but I do wish it had a blocking app that was something along the lines of "block them when they're boring me, but let it only work for a couple of weeks in case it was just a lame spell in their life". Because honestly, I have blocked so many people because apparently they've got time to tell me every three minutes what they're up to -- and I don't want to wade through five pages of their "long line at Starbucks", "arrived at airport gate seven", "landed in Tucson", "really need a cup of coffee" in order to see what the interesting people are up to.

I am dangerously close to setting up an anonymous e-mail account so I can send people the following e-mail: If you weren't so busy reporting each mundane detail of your day, seeking affirmation from fellow obsessives, you might actually have time to have an original thought.

Ah, but like the "you may only sing songs other people know and they must be less than five verses" cards I've always threatened to hand out at shanty sings...I suppose this one will not come to fruition either. (Please note: I would be the first member of that club, have the card laminated and hung around my neck like an ID badge)

Because I am meaner in my head than I am out loud. Plus, who has time for that?

To forestall concern amongst people who are having a self-esteem low tide: I would have locked this to a smaller group, if I meant YOU....

(Deleted comment)