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The Aftermath - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Aftermath [Jun. 14th, 2010|12:07 pm]
Well, I'm suprised I don't hurt more. At one point during closing last night, I realized that I'd turned into brainless automaton. Ready to go, but o, look, yes, they took DOWN the tent, but then just left it there laying in the middle of the field -- and really, if the point was to get the tent down while it was still dry, leaving out in the middle of a field for a week and expecting it to stay dry.....

And of course, there were several of those just laying there. And poles. And like me, a few brainless, dehydrated, muscle-sore zombies shuffling around the field, o, god, one more pole, just one more pole and they'll let me go home or I'll just die here, but either way it will be over. So, I (shocker!) tried to pick things up by myself and as I tried to heave a large tent into the back of the car, and I felt my left shoulder make a sound that was sort of hoping was canvas, but wasn't. I thought today would just be a carousel of why-didn't-you-go-find-another-zombie-to-help regret.

Don't get me wrong, I feel as if I've had a herd of angry javelinas running back and forth all over me, but I expected that, so I can deal with that. I'm just so grateful that my body often forgives me for trying to be too much of a brute. Actually the last two times I hurt my back really badly were when I was bending over to pick up a highlighter I'd dropped between two boxes and when I tripped and fell over nothing while walking the dog. I guess I should stop sweating the heavy stuff.

Speaking of sweating, shat I didn't expect was the residual sweating. It was so hot and so humid this weekend, that apparently I got a sweat back-up. You know that oily, filmy feeling you get when you're not actually sweating anymore, but you think "man, I can NOT wait until I can get a rinse off"? I took a shower when we got home last night (seriously, Virginia, I did not need a farewell send off of the worst Sunday night traffic we experienced all season. Almost 3 hours to get home with my legs, feet and toes cramping severely the whole time. Bitch.)

Anyway, despite the cold shower last night, and an air conditioner set at 71 degrees, I woke up with that dried sweat film. Another cool shower this morning and hey, it's not even noon and guess what....

I feel as if I say this every year, but I don't think I have EVER been that hot, for that long. For two days in a row. I'm sure starting the day schlepping ice and water and supplies at 7am, and ending it schlepping tents and trash cans and supplies at 7pm...made it worse. But good heavens. At one point, I had to rest my arms on towels to mop up the sweat so that I could write checks and count money without making ink run. If you're lucky enough to be in front of the air conditioner in the ticket office, you get a cool breeze. If you're not one of the two people that can fit in front of it -- 116 degrees. With no air circulation. And yesterday, the only way it could get more humid was if it had rained.

Seriously. Better hope I'm never the CEO of Virginia Faire, because I'd move it to Maine in a hearbeat.

Otherwise -- a really HARD season, in terms of logistical and other issues. But a really good season as far as the show was concerned. Which was good, because the former was almost bearable thanks to the latter.

Attendance was down perhaps 5%, compared to last year, but in year two of the Great Recession, I'll take that. And compared to how other faires have been doing the last two seasons, that's practically double digit growth. Most importantly, more than half the attendees surveyed had never been to a renaissance faire before. And I've never seen so few negative comments. So, we're doing something right.

Now, if Virginia would just suck it up and WIDEN 95....

[User Picture]From: im_geva
2010-06-14 05:17 pm (UTC)

Wait unitl tomorrow

That's when the muscle aches will really start...

Start on your favorite anti-inflammatory now, it'll make tomorrow easier.

Sorry I missed it again...Next year, promise!
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[User Picture]From: terribleturnip
2010-06-14 05:22 pm (UTC)

Re: Wait unitl tomorrow

Ha -- I start with pre-emptive naproxen on Friday evening and keep myself dosed until Tuesday night, during Virginia Faire season...I haz the smarts. There. In that ONE thing....

Squee -- after clean-up/cast party this Saturday, 'tho, I get my life back. Well. It's not as if I don't have a lot of work that goes on year-round. But I can do it at home, sitting on my butt, for the most part. This weekend will be the last of the omg, need ice, cups, paper towels, trash can liners, there's a skink in the beer line kind of stuff.....

Time for cocktails with friends, again...
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[User Picture]From: sestree
2010-06-14 05:49 pm (UTC)

Sorry we missed you

but there wasn't any way I could bring myself to brave the heat. Plus I had an Aunt to torture.

One of the main reasons I chose not to perform anymore was heat indices in the 1-teens and watching my conductor fling sweat far and wide and sweating so bad it looked like a really bad rendition of a wet tshirt contest. blech.

ummm no. Give me my AC and a cold beer instead.

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[User Picture]From: im_geva
2010-06-14 06:53 pm (UTC)

Re: Wait unitl tomorrow

Mmmm, cocktails...
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[User Picture]From: mistressfetch
2010-06-14 06:08 pm (UTC)
I took the express lane to bypass Lorton last night and I still didn't make it in under 3 hours...I'm right there with ya sista :-) T.I.R.E.D. and worrying that I might of missed a tick...gack!

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