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Seriously, nothing. - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Seriously, nothing. [Jul. 12th, 2010|02:03 pm]
Other than an impromptu cocktail hour with neighborhood friends on the deck, not a single social event this weekend. Other than a foray to the farmer's market, a whopping four blocks away, where we scored bison (yay, Gunpowder Bison is doing the Kensington Farmer's Market!) lobsters, Pulled Pork (and a new BBQ vendor!) and yummy fruit/veg, we didn't leave the confines of our yard. We were very busy -- our first major cleanup inside and out since before Virginia Faire started -- producing a small mountain of brush and yard waste, filling all the recycle bins, and several bags for the thrift store -- but we were beholden to no one. No schedule, no dressing up, no nothing.

We watched a bunch of Night Gallery episodes...seriously, I'd forgotten the starpower of this show. And they're all so young....but mostly, in a few of the episodes, where they show the "future", it's side-splitting.

We also watched The Band's Visit, which I highly recommend for...anyone who hasn't seen it. Wow. An Egyptian Police Band arrives in Israel to give a cross-cultural concert, but gets lost...

Subtitles...which aren't an immediate turn-off for me, but it does mean that I have to restrain my multi-tasking impulses, which means the movie better hold me, or I'm going to blow off a lot of it.

It's about a Police Band. It's been reviewed as heart-warming. People who didn't like it thought it was slow, boring. Music bridging the gap between cultures....gah! Totally not me!

A slow non-America start. Not a lot of talking, not a lot of action, omigod, tell me this isn't going to be two hours of fraught-with-meaning-wandering-around. But the SOB sucked me in. Some fabulous shots/direction, and the heartwarming isn't pulling the wagon alone, it's teamed with loneliness, missed opportunities and poignant despair. The characters are compelling and frankly, it's worth watching for the scene in the rollerskating rink alone.

Now, though, back to Torchwood for the rest of the week.

[User Picture]From: regineaubergine
2010-07-12 10:23 pm (UTC)
I saw the brush piles (and enjoyed the cocktails on the deck). Good work and well done!
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[User Picture]From: silvrwillow
2010-07-13 01:34 pm (UTC)
Sometimes, isn't it nice to do NOTHING?
To have no OMGScheduleThatMustBeObeyed? To just be a regular person? Why, yes, it is. :)
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