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Friday Randoms - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friday Randoms [Aug. 13th, 2010|02:37 pm]
So, we've had ten feet of snow. Hades-like heat. An earthquake. More tornado warnings in a half a year than I've seen in all the years I've lived here. (And a couple of microbursts that aren't tornadoes, but if you were one of those three large trees twisted like a twist tie, you probably wouldn't differentiate.) And the Flood. And I've been making jokes left and right about "hey, what's next, locusts?"

When I came out the car this morning and there was a grasshopper on the windshield of my car, I wet myself a little.

I do NOT have superpowers. I've been chanting that all day. Because a week ago, I was in the middle of a discussion about how the growth of China was causing all sorts of raw material problems and it was only going to get worse. And I joked "Yeah, what we really need is to cut China's population in half, because I don't know how else we're going to deal with the prices of resin." Look, the mudslide the next day was NOT my fault. If you'd said, hey, euthanize a cat and you can keep all those people in China from being killed, there would be another cat in the freezer, ya know? And the fact that Phoebe, the oldest cat, had that very morning puked her breakfast at running speed all over the kitchen and then, while I was cleaning that up, crapped on the floor BESIDE the litter box, has NOTHING to do with it. Nothing.

I want to assure Sestree that I have been as horrible as ever, just not much time to report it. Last night at Happy Hour, somehow the topic of Be-Dazzling yer Hoo-Ha came up...okay, not somehow. We'd been talking about the merits of letting the privet hedges grow wild, keeping them trimmed, creating topiary or simply Round-Up'ing the entire yard. So, Be-Dazzling the Hoo-Ha was sort of a natural flow. And a male colleague joked "Hey, what about you, have you done it?" And I replied "Only the ignorant masses need to see a crown in order to know it's the Queen they're viewing." Which won the week's contest of best come-backs. Which I LIVE to win.

If you are a Ginger fan, I highly recommend Gosling's Ginger Beer, which is being sold on-line, possibly in liquor stores, and definitely some of the area Giants. The Diet is awesome. And it's Diet. I've always struggled with Reed's and Ginger People being just too damn sweet and syrupy for me. This has a bite and a burn that is pretty amazing. And if you're thinking bite, burn, wtf, stay away from this stuff. After two six packs, I'm still struggling to remember to not inhale the fumes right after opening, or the sinus sear will bring tears to your eyes. Go figure. I'm a giant non-bedazzled you know what when it comes to heat from peppers, but with ginger, bring it ON.

I am going on vacation soon and not a minute too soon, since I opened up some of the reading material I've already started packing and read "Their theoretical results reveal that, in order to be stable, mutualistic interaction webs should present a nested architecture whereas trophic webs should adopt a compartmented architecture. This difference in architecture can be found in a large number of empirical pollination (mutualist) and herbivory (trophic) webs. This work is a major breakthrough for a better understanding of the functioning and stability of communities" and for a really scary minute, I thought "I have no idea what that just meant" and was really and truly afraid that arguing over toilet paper prices and researching latex prices and writing first grade primers on compostability had atrophied my brain.

But I read it again and I can't wait to attack the whole article. Don't worry, I'm bringing plenty of "easy" reading too! But vacation time is the only time I get actually have the time and brain power to read things that are challenging. Well, challenging to me. I'm sure you social and natural science people wouldn't blink an eye. Well, you would if I poked you in the eye with the pricing formula guidelines I just developed....

[User Picture]From: sestree
2010-08-13 07:30 pm (UTC)
OK I got more than a little hot over theoretical results. Then I saw it wasn't Econ but still hot.

Viewing the queen just made me giggle :D That will be filed along with Marching The Penguin (courtesy of House).

My boss bailed early so I still don't know how much trouble I'm in for tittyfairy but trust me it's still being vocalized around here.
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[User Picture]From: furrball
2010-08-15 12:32 am (UTC)
It's called "vagazzling", a concept and a word that both make my brain shrink in fear and horror.
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