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Survived the Parental Visit - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Survived the Parental Visit [Apr. 12th, 2007|09:21 am]
Oh, yes "parents" plural. At last minute Dad decided to join Mom. Holy Frijoles. Mom's easy to entertain. Dad...not so much. Plus the double dosage of vague disapproval with the choices I've made in my life, my ability to keep and clean house, the colors I choose to paint the walls...I exaggerate. A bit. I know they just worry about me. But still, I'm feeling fragile and they've got that parental homing instinct that can find every weakness.

A more successful evening than I hoped taking them out to dinner...I sweated the whole evening -- I picked the wrong restaurant, they don't like my choice in boyfriend, the after dinner entertainment is boring....other than a few tossaways on the length of the drive to Annapolis, after spending all day in the car to get to Maryland, and some aspersions cast on my ability to drive safely, everything else went well and they seemed to have a good time. Whew.

Mom, take this jacket, it's colder than you think and it will be windy at the zoo. No, really, that jacket you have is too thin. Getting out of the car, I say it again. Mom, you're not going to be fine, you're going to be cold, put the damn jacket on. Okay, FINE, be cold. Then two hours of watching her, shivering arms wrapped around herself, dodging from building to building to warm up.

Watching parents at the zoo struggling to put jackets and sweaters on their little kids, the little kids adamantly refusing...I'm NOT cold!


[User Picture]From: pyllgrum
2007-04-12 06:07 pm (UTC)
I am glad the visit was such a success.
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