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Bits are all I got - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bits are all I got [May. 17th, 2011|04:38 pm]
Well, cross THAT off my bucket list -- I've now officially used a virgin portapotty. Assembled just hours before, anointed with the blue juice just minutes before and then I added the holy water. There you go, folks, proof that running a renaissance faire is ALL about the glamour.

I passed by the jabbering news feed in our lobby just in time to hear some earnest commentator insist that "...people want honesty. People want to hear the truth."

Really? As someone who really struggles with telling anything BUT the truth (unless I'm telling a story to entertain), I find it more of a flaw than a saving grace. Hey, Lady, can I live in YOUR fantasy world?

I think a more accurate statement would be "people don't want to be lied to". There's not usually a big line at the Truth Told Here booth, at least in my experience. But I may be letting the HeadCold of the Apocalypse be getting me down.

It's time for my annual apology to my colleagues, as I bring in bouquets of peonies this time of year and no matter how hard I try, there are always a few ants left who wander out of the blossoms and meander from cube to cube. I've always loved peonies, but as I've gotten older, I especially appreciate how their aging mirrors are own. Beautiful just about to open blossoms, full of promise and potential, the full open glorious intricacy and beauty -- and now, past their prime, blowsy and overblown, starting to wilt, looking a little worse for wear, but still soft and fine-scented and beautiful. This stage is becoming my favorite. Fancy that.

Tonight I pick baby chard to saute and serve with grilled chicken sausages and while the Captain is grilling, I'll be potting up the tomato plants and building supports for my pea vines and zucchini plants. Dear Thunderstorm -- I just need a small window. Although, as usual, you may deluge all over my ass if only you will make the weather clear for the weekend. Not the first time I've potted plants in the rain.

[User Picture]From: fountaingirl
2011-05-18 01:01 am (UTC)
You inspired me - I cut some peonies and brought them in, ants and all. (And squished the ants, Tox, so don't hyperventilate if you are reading this.)
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[User Picture]From: ginger_rose
2011-05-19 01:23 am (UTC)
Gah... I'm so far behind on planting it's not funny. And planting's not even my hobby (Quislet is just out of town too much to get to it.)

I agree with your more accurate statement regarding honesty. I've found it's a rare and wonderful friend that is comfortable speaking and hearing the truth. Very refreshing. Those are the people worth spending our (short) time on. ;)

Crossing crossables for a clear weekend!!!
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[User Picture]From: quislet
2011-05-24 10:07 pm (UTC)
I still have hopes of planting this weekend when you have the niban off with her crazy animated-fan-musical-about-a-video-game-about-lawyers buddies in the Carolinas. I just need to get a little more hay and newspaper to make this lasagna gardening experiment happen.

Personally, I'm kinda addicted to that truth stuff. There's naught in this world more beautiful than artful truth.
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