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Time for your booster shot of random [Sep. 23rd, 2011|04:01 pm]
I've been all thematic lately -- even when I try to start out light and fluffy. It's been backing up in my brain and although I don't have TIME, I'm enough of a writer that I know you MAKE time or DIE.

I guess I do have a wee theme -- talking about transformations and thinking about how you wind up where you do, how you do. I never worry about the "why". A basic tenet of my lack of Faith with a capital "F" is that you don't have to have a point. You can just BE. And that's enough. But still, some of us look forward out of the front window to see where we're going, others look backwards to see what they're leaving behind. Still others look straight out the side to see what's passing right NOW. And me, I'm trying to see if I can reach that Cheese Nip that fell down the side of the seat and wondering if it's irredeemably fuzzy.

But first, this one is appropos of nothing -- it's just made me laugh every time I look at it or think of it, so I share it:


I'm going to make you work for it, because these next two are on YouTube, which if it hits our browser at work, makes alarm bells go off "YOU ARE NOT EARNING YOUR KIBBLE" or something to that effect and while I'm usually good about looking these up at home (ON MY OWN TIME), I am goofing off in the ten minutes I have before a meeting because it's Friday, and it's raining and frankly I EARNED IT. It's not like I take a smoke break...

First, if you're feeling a little angsty, a little goth, a little THIS is all I am? A little guilty that this morning you noticed that the cat hair dust bunnies on the stairs were SO large and SO accumulated in the corners, that you barely had to bend over to scoop them up and you actually thought that would be a viable housecleaning tactic for the future and then thought, AUGH, I'm a slovenly slattern, just like Mother said!

Ahem. Well, then, you need to find Amanda Palmer doing "In my Mind" on YouTube and when I tell you she's Neil Gaiman's wife, you'll see that it's a perfect fit, like Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. Or, you have no idea who I'm talking about, in which case, just enjoy the song and feel better about yourself, okay?

Next, for my various friends and random strangers who may or may not be in the throes of a breakup, or grand passion or...well, heck, Tim Minchin is my go-to guy for keeping things in perspective. Of course, I'm always distracted by wanting to take him home and make him presentable...I AM my mother's daughter.

So, yes, go look for Tim Minchin and his version "If I didn't have you" on Timewastertube, I mean, YouTube.

Go ahead, I dare you to stop with just one of his songs.

[User Picture]From: quislet
2011-09-25 02:16 am (UTC)
And Daddy passes the lyrics and ukelele tabs for In My Mind to the youngest Gaiman fan in the house...
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