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What happens when I stay up late, shopping online and pages take too long to load - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What happens when I stay up late, shopping online and pages take too long to load [Nov. 29th, 2011|11:47 am]
Dear Fashion Industry,

Dolman sleeves and long jackets? Boy, am I going to save a lot of money on clothes, at least until you come to your senses. With my build, Dolman sleeves are NOT my friend. Just what I need, fabric that combines the broad shoulders and back, plus the girls on the front, into one giant wingflap unit. And in black, the color I tend to, I am one pointy-eared superhero mask away from Batgirl. In her later years, after three kids and 30 years of hard living in the trailer park. And I ADORE long jackets. All the way up to the very second when I put one on and look in the mirror, where once again am forced to realize that my legs are even shorter in person than they are in my head and this jacket is making me look like the Mayor of the Munchkins.

(Let me stop you right now, before you suggest that some boots with heels would lengthen…you and my mother. Do not talk to a woman with short, muscular, 17 ½” calves about boots, especially when her budget doesn’t allow for custom. It makes poking a bear with a stick seem like a good idea. This time of year I am especially bitter, having been pulled in by the siren call of boots already, and wound up near weeping in a heap of boots on the DSW sales floor. Okay. I couldn’t resist the alliteration of wound and weep. Cursing and muttering. Fine.)

Today I feel virtuous. I have been scraping off fractions of my food budget each week and setting it aside and finally have reached the amount necessary for a season’s pool pass. (While the whole point of that was to reduce what I was eating at the same time I was rev’ving up for exercise, the whole two birds with one fat roll, the reality is, of course, that a diet full of veg, lean meat and low in carbs…is more expensive. So, no fair making fun of my cheap toilet paper, okay?) And while I’m the first person to say you don’t need to have some kind of membership in order to start exercising, when you have one bad knee and one healing knee, there are only so many non-weight bearing ways to exercise. Especially if the support beams in your house are a little iffy.

So, pool pass, new goggles, swimsuits out of mothballs and tomorrow morning, at the butt crack of dawn, virtue will run head-first into an ugly confrontation with how limited my lung capacity and endurance have come. It’s been about ten years since I’ve swum with any kind of regularity. And while I used to be able to knock out 3,000-5,000 yards at a time and I can feel the rhythm of how to move, still in my muscles, I’m sure it will be like getting on a horse at this point. I remember what to do, but it’s as if the signal wires have been cut. And patched back together with duct tape. My nerves will send a twitch and my muscle will slowly crack open one eye, raise its head slightly from the sofa and chuckle.

I wandered into a blog – attracted by the name: Defective Yeti, (sorry, diego and geva, I’m claiming that one as my band name) and then drawn in by a post where I saw this phrase: “Seattle has been rocked by, like, 14 mph winds today. So naturally the local media is reacting as if flesh-eating marmosets devoured the mayor.” Which is probably where I fell in love. Who doesn’t love flesh-eating marmosets? (you may have THAT as a band name, because I’m still set on Defective Yeti…all of those “e”s set off by the tall letters…)
I’d keep this love affair a secret, but he just wrote a nice review of gateway board games, just in time for holiday shopping. Which you might find handy. It’s his November 28th post: http://defectiveyeti.com/

I miss board games. I have a ton of them. And now I want to add Small World and Say Anything to the giant pile. I’ve been trying to get board games back into my life: damn it, they’re fun. I get the appeal of on-line gaming – being able to “get together” with distant friends, with a bare minimum of scheduling fuss. But seriously, sitting around the table, face to face, sharing a bottle of wine and playing a game in person? Kicks butt. I am determined to make this work in 2012. Fair warning to my friends.

[User Picture]From: dreamtigress
2011-11-29 06:06 pm (UTC)
Playing games, face to face, with real, live people who make you laugh until you can't breath is made of pure win, no matter whether you actually win the games. I have been having semi-regular game days for playing Munchkin and board games for just this reason.
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[User Picture]From: pyratelady
2011-11-29 06:18 pm (UTC)
If you like Apples to Apples, I have an adult version that I'm itching to play with people.
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[User Picture]From: skivee
2011-11-29 10:34 pm (UTC)
If your adult version typically leads to itching, don't bother asking me to join in.
I've got enough of that sort of thing going on already.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: fountaingirl
2011-11-29 09:43 pm (UTC)
We LOVE board games, and I was just thinking we should be playing them more too. Everything from Ticket to Ride to Munchkin, love 'em. Going to go read that review, thanks!
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