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My Day of Thwart - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Day of Thwart [Jun. 7th, 2007|08:33 am]
[Current Music |Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint, River in Reverse]

So yesterday was a day to get things done. My client had asked to skip a session, so whee, let's get things accomplished!

I'm dying to clean the bathroom counter...but the contents of my overnight toiletries bag are strewn all over the counter, because last weekend my shampoo vomited on the way home. And I still haven't washed the damn bag. And what's the point of moving all of the travel-sized containers twice? So, I'll just clean the toilet for now and take the bag downstairs to wash. Then, after it dries, I'll repack and finally clean the counter.

But now I discover the flaw to becoming hooked on those little disposable toilet brush heads. When you run out...

So down to wash the toiletry bag. I actually have laundry detergent, so I'm able to accomplish this one thing. Of course, I've got to finish last night's laundry in order to do that....

Bringing last night's laundry upstairs reminds me that my dressers are still filled with sweaters and long sleeve shirts and I really need to bring up the tubs of t-shirts and shorts from the basement and make the switch before it's winter again. But that's a daunting task and I can get by living out of the pile on top of my dresser a little bit longer.

Work on paperwork for a while, follow up on a bunch of things...and the phone rings. It's someone replying to the resume I sent in for a job that sounded just like what I want to be doing. I'm psyched because I spent a couple of hours the other night tweaking my resume and cover letter and that was just a day or two ago. An hour and a half on the phone in a phone interview and the dude says "So, when will you be available to relocate?" What? Dude, did you miss the part on your own damn form where it asks about relocation and I checked "no"? "Oh, all of our open positions are in the Carolinas." Umm, wouldn't that be a handy thing for you to put in the job posting? I mean, you're based locally, you get a resume from someone who's local (and who checked off "No" on the relocation part of your handy dandy electronic form and you spend an hour and a half before you get to that pertinent point?

Well, I console myself that at least I've dodged working for yet another moron. But I'm still pretty cheesed at the time wasted and baffled that they'd post a job without mentioning that the location was someplace other than their main office, so after some lunch decide I'll take advantage of the INSANELY beautiful day and mow the lawn. Except the gas can is empty and there's not enough in the lawnmower. And I've just put the dogs out in the yard -- and I'd have to put them back inside, go up, get gas, come back, get the dogs out again....

Screw it, I'll trim the bushes. But of course, I only have one yard bag left, so after I fill that I'm left with a yard full of the REST of the trimmings. Okay, fine, I'll get bags tomorrow. I'll start trimming back the honeysuckle and forsythia, because those branches are long enough to tie in to bundles. But after I cut down a bunch of that, I remember that I used up all of my twine the LAST time I did yard work.

Thankfully, I have beds that need to be weeded and I could turn my full fury at being thwarted to good use. The dandelions and weed grass didn't stand a chance -- I pursued those freaking taproots and rhizomes with a determination that made the occasional clover wilt just from being in the immediate area.

Thankfully, the pirate arrived home to tell me how great the yard looked: a bucket of soothe dumped over my smouldering thwart-fury.

My only other consolation is that hopefully I have exorcized the thwart, because I'm cooking for a client today and thwart can get ugly on a cookdate.

Plus half the garden looks fabulous.