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And we're back, however briefly - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And we're back, however briefly [Mar. 27th, 2012|01:54 pm]
Sigh. Okay, let’s be realistic, until work slows down or Virginia Faire is done for the season, sporadic is what I’ve got going on, writing-wise. Or, figure out how to get more in the habit of more frequent and stop worrying about having ENOUGH material. Short is fine.

The problem is that I HAVE short…I just keep waiting for it to develop into something larger, more interesting. Or I KNOW I can take it there, given the time. Which I don’t have, so…

Things I’ve recently discovered I’m good at (One in what may be admittedly, a short series): If there is a set of doors and one of them has the little strip along the back so that when you shut them, the other door hits that strip and stops….I have an odds-defying ability to grab the wrong one (the one WITH the little strip, which turns the other door into a weapon) when opening said doors, open HARD and lean my face in so that the other door cracks me right in the forehead. One is my shed out in the driveway, the other is my entertainment unit and the strips are on OPPOSITE DOORS, so I find myself unable to learn which door to open. I’m left with learning to hold face out of the way and opening slowly and gently, neither of which are normal behavior for me.

Things I’ve recently discovered I am so NOT good at (a longer series, to be sure): The Captain and I had divided laundry chores – I got my laundry, plus cat/dog/heinous things laundry (to be clear, the heinous things tend to be cat/dog generated), and floor rugs/mats. He got his laundry plus towels, sheets, dishtowels. Also known as things that should be folded neatly. Because boy, howdy, am I NOT a neat folder. And fitted sheets? Seriously, I am dork enough to have…several TIMES…looked up instructions on how to do it, despite having been taught by my mother, also a neat folder. I can spend ten freaking minutes on one folded sheet. And in the end, it looks like I just pulled it out of the dryer and rolled it in a ball. I’m officially giving up. Henceforth, I’m just rolling those s.o.b.’s in a ball.

Yes, I AM the person who just busts out in laughter, disrupting the entire cube farm when she overhears Unnamed High Level Executive say “I dunno, I think the rules say you have to play with four women”. (For the record, I assumed it was innocent, and it was eventually explained that the discussion was about coed softball.)

Today something has bloomed. Something with which my immune system takes great issue. Over four decades without pollen allergies…and what, did you think I felt left out of the Claritin/Allegra/Flonase party? Is it not enough that I’m allergic to my own histamine? That I can scratch myself into hives? You thought I needed a maraschino cherry of itchy eyes and sneezing? Seriously, Body, today I’m eating Cheez-Its for lunch, fish and chips for dinner, copious amounts of alcohol and I’m going to stay up late and not wear my wrist braces. I’ll give you something to cry about.

And yeah, some links I’ve been storing up:

Speaking of which, here’s an interesting bit of research around gut flora and its possible relationship to allergies. Which leads me to ponder, is our over-reliance on antibiotics (aka, Round-Up for the gut) play any part in the rise of allergies. We know that lack of exposure to animal hair/dander and dirt in general as small children leads to a higher incidence of asthma…that TOO clean an environment is actually BAD for a child. And the a lot of the theory around that is that your immune system isn’t exposed to as much, has no chance to practice while still young, doesn’t have a chance to build up a catalog of “exposed to this stuff all the time”…wonder if too clean an environment also hampers gut population/re-population. (You start with a sterile gut, as you’re born, you collect bacteria from your mom as you come out the birth canal (you may NOT want to explore that if you’re easily squicked) and then you collect more from your general environment.


Because I will do ANYTHING to not feel bad about a dirty house. I’m helping my gut function, my friend. Pro-biotics and a pony’s-worth of animal dander.

Speaking of guts: evidence that the things you can imagine where someone hasn’t already beat you to it:

Although, those are cute-sy and if I had made them, they so would NOT be cute.

And you may not find this very funny, if you don’t watch Sherlock, but I do and it’s hysterical. Or you may just find Otters funny. In which case, enjoy:

And winner of the blogname that’s made me MOST envious this year (last year’s winner being Defective Yeti):

Because cognitive dissonance is a concept I refer to a LOT. Although the blog is more about one man’s poking around in what he was raised/taught to believe in unquestionably, than cognitive science or shiny pants. But having just come off the Reason Rally, which while it did focus on Atheism and the need to stand up and cop to it, so that people stop thinking of us as amoral selfish dicks, (not that there aren’t, as there are in ALL religions and philosophies, a grouping of amoral selfish dicks. They abound everywhere) also had a lot to do with THINKING about things and using evidence to form beliefs…and to question dogma and use that big giant brain of yours to form your own thoughts and opinions. And this guy questions without necessarily losing faith and he does a lovely job matching the story of the Flood with actual history, that gave me geek-joy.

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[User Picture]From: pyratelady
2012-03-27 06:31 pm (UTC)
Oh look, I wrote an essay

I don't know if my experience fits into the theory, but I stopped taking antibiotics for sinus infections about 12 years ago, following a horrible winter of 4 increasingly-worse sinus infections in a row and 4 courses of antibiotics, culminating in a nasty rash when the dr. got the big guns out (a weaker formula of penicillin, which I hadn't shown an allergy to in the past) and a diagnosis of sinusitis and talk of sinus surgery. Background: I grew up playing in dirt and around animals and didn't have any problems with allergies until my mid-20s. My mom tells me that's when her allergies showed up.

I don't know if the surgery talk scared my sinuses straight but the infection cleared up shortly after. I learned a lot about my sinuses that year... that spring and fall allergens set them off, and they need to drain or I'll get a sinus infection. (so no standard decongestants) I also stopped running to the dr. for antibiotics. In the years since then I've taken maybe one course of antibiotics; for a case of strep throat that didn't clear up after 8 weeks. (That sounds horribly irresponsible, I know, but I didn't even know I had strep. I didn't have a I-want-to-die sore throat.)

The punchline is, every fall and spring I brace myself for lots of sneezing and a sinus infection and I swear it hasn't been really bad. I think my last sinus infection was 4 years ago. I keep hearing that this spring in particular the foliage is exploding with record amounts of pollen but I'm not even taking allergy meds and I seem to be okay. My conclusion? My body is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
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