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Well played, Friday, well played - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Well played, Friday, well played [Mar. 30th, 2012|05:14 pm]
I know that every week I think to myself, wow, that was the worst week ever...and then the next week it's even worse. And you think to yourself, well it can't get worse...but it always can -- that's infinity for you. Keep halving the distance to the finish line every day and you will never actually reach it, in a way. On a plus note, I found out that one of the dead horses I've been trying to nudge across a finish line (with a bent teaspoon and some frayed twine) has finally heaved its zombie horsecorpse in a final exhalation of pent up gas and crossed. The smaller of the two horses, of course, and the other is...almost there...which I've been saying for three freaking months...again, each day, halving the distance, which I can keep doing forever. But hopefully next week I can tap my Danish roots and get a little Viking Beserker on it and SCARE it across the finish line.

So, I was going to call today dreadful on top of dreadful, but now that I've seen a signed and dated signature page, I have to take some of that back. But still, one damn emergency after another today and none of the people I've needed to tap for answers has been particularly smart or helpful.

You know it's a bad week when going to the MVA was a pleasant interlude.

From earlier in the week:

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ll rarely see my in a tank top…I just looked down and saw that the tank top I have on today had worked its way around to my side, so that I was effectively sitting here with one boob poking out of the armhole. Thank goodness I also have a jacket on, so it wasn’t very obvious from outside my cube. But still. And I’m just SITTING HERE at my desk. It’s not like I was doing calisthenics and had a wardrobe malfunction.

Dear Colleague. You went to the effort of opening the pack of paper. You went to the effort of re-filling the paper drawer so that you could print your job. What was the thought process exactly when you chose to put only half of the pack of paper into a drawer that is clearly designed to hold MORE than a pack of paper?

Also, if you're looking to read a good space opera, Leviathan Wakes by Corey, should do it for you. It's the first of three (let's all pause for a GRR) but to be fair, I suspected that going in and was prepared to jettison it at the first sign of tedious. But honestly, it's pretty gripping and the character development is really, really good.

I also watched The Ten, and I'm not sure what to make of it -- ten "stories" centering on the ten commandments. It was like watching Saturday Night Live in a way -- some really hysterical moments, a lot of mildly amusing and some "eh, you just ran out of steam, there, didn't you?" with some really surreal stuff. I was disappointed in that I felt they really could have done a better job tying back to the commandment, but liked the way the cast of characters interwove throughout the stories in a really backhanded way, and there were some really fun surreal moments. Plus who doesn't love deadly disease carrying weiner dog sluts?

Anyhoo, having clearly forgotten the really funny thing that I was actually going to post about...I'll get on with my day. A bit more to go before I can relax and start my Friday evening. Which will consist of cleaning and bleaching the faire's water jugs. Because running renaissance faires are ALL ABOUT THE GLAMOUR.

[User Picture]From: russell_moore
2012-04-04 12:57 pm (UTC)
boooooooobies .....

oh ... what I meant to point out is your description of work matches mine to eerie perfection ... it has gotten to the point I'm thinking I must have really wronged someone in a past life, and now the slow daily torture I endure in quest of a paycheck is cosmic payback for that past misdeed
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