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In case you thought I was exaggerating... - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In case you thought I was exaggerating... [Jun. 1st, 2012|01:36 pm]
About the universe picking on me, that is:

Going to Costco as an early lunch to pick up Faire supplies. Traffic lights are out at the major intersection near Costco, so it's a fight to get through to the other side, and I'm an ex-retailer so I know what no electricity means, but hey, the light right in front of Costco is working, so I fight my way into the parking lot. Only to find that they're on the OTHER side of the power grid, the side that's out, so then I have to fight my way OUT again. Fine, I'll go do my banking. But of course, now I have to go to a bank that has power, fight my way through the dark intersection (Rockville at lunch hour...NOT pretty) and get to a bank. I think it goes without saying that anything I'm trying to do here is on the opposite side of the divided road, so pretty much all of this involves repeated U-turns and waiting for breaks in traffic and being thwarted by drivers unclear on the purpose of the turn signal. Get the banking done. Head back and lo and behold, the lights are back on, so let's get this done. Back into Costco, fight for a parking space, pick out flatbed, struggle, pull out two more before I find one with wheels that will work in tandem. Join the hordes who are meandering like they've never SEEN this stuff before and apparently STARVING because they have to stop and sample every bit of crap that Costco's got out to sample, as if they have ANY intention at all of buying the product.

Look, I'm not fond of people anyway -- but sampling? Years of working trade shows and stores with sampling stations has carved a bitter core of disgust.

But FINE. I make it through the gauntlet of tourists (there is NO need to bring your whole family to Costco. Not on a Friday afternoon. Stop being a cheap bastard and take them to King's Dominion. Or leave them in the Costco parking lot with the windows rolled up...I don't care) and get back to...and hey, guess what? Unlike the other three Costco's I patronize, guess what THIS one does NOT carry?

An hour of my life and nothing to show for it. THIS is why I have no time for relaxing.