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Is it really just Tuesday? - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Is it really just Tuesday? [Jan. 29th, 2013|03:10 pm]
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Oh, that feeling you get, after you press “send” and you realize that while it was a great idea to send a note to your supplier, giving him feedback on his team and the stellar presentation they delivered to your client, it might have been a better had you not misspelled Bobby’s name and called him Booby.

Also, while I’m having name issues, please, no more naming your children Michael or Jacquelyn. I cannot spell either name correctly without backspacing, re-typing, SEVERAL times. I’m going to go to my grave without ever mastering either name, so you’re going to have to be Mike or Jackie and just deal with it.

How many glasses, out of a 750 ml bottle of cherry cider, will it take before I accept that it’s really foamy and I’ll have to pour very slowly and carefully or wind up with cherry cider all over the counter? The answer is: ALL OF THEM.

Oh, hey, colleagues, when I said feel free to forward the happy hour invitation to other associates, I didn’t really mean upper management. Especially since I used this phrase “But seriously, if you don’t come to happy hour, you’ll probably be confused by the unseasonably warm temperatures, put on shorts, go outside…catch pneumonia and die. And no one wants that.” Because then you get an IM from a senior exec that reads “Wait, did you just set up a “come to happy hour or die” scenario?”

I love this, love this, love this: http://skepticalmothering.com/2013/01/16/do-you-have-forers-disease/

Look, even I started to read this and think, oh my gosh, THAT'S what I've got....

Psych! As we used to say, back in the day...

Obviously, coming from a family where the cure for everything was to get outside and get some fresh air. Or play in the dirt. Or go sit in a greenhouse. Basically the remedy was stop focusing on yourself and what’s wrong with you, and get back in touch with the world/nature/dirt/living things. I suspect that it’s just a matter of time actually, until we have some research that backs that up and nails down an actual cause/effect on immune system support. Of course, the alternative remedy at our house was “take some aspirin and walk it off”….and if that failed, or you were running an actual temperature, you got the jello, flat gingerale and saltines remedy. Which made you recover, I suspect, just to get a soda with some fizz and food that had a flavor beyond salt, green or red. And of course preventative medicine for my family was “stay too busy to worry about it and get plenty of sleep.”

Of course, there are real genuine medical problems that are hard to diagnose and hard to do much about, so you try different things. I’m not minimizing or disparaging that! (And if you’re starting to think “is she talking about me, taking a dig at me?....just stop. I’m not. Although you should see someone about your paranoia.)

And if putting a dab of bee pollen on your forehead makes you feel better, even though there’s not a shred of legitimate evidence to back that up…if you feel better, who am I to argue? Yay, you and your dab! Having a tube of betameth-some steriody thing in my medicine drawer means that my rashes of unknown origin clear up in a couple of days. I don’t have to use it…just knowing it’s there seems to provide the support to my brain/immune system to keep the rash from spreading out of control, because I have that as a back-up.

But I do think that we have become so risk-averse, so sensitive, and hyperchondriac now that we have the leisure to worry about what ails us instead of scrabbling for food and shelter all the time. Now that we have the internet to hammer us with both snake oil and legitimate information. Now that too-large communities and easy access to good and information without having to actually interact with others, has made us so insular and so self-focused. And there’s a fair amount of victim celebration – heck, you can feel a little left out nowadays, having no dietary restrictions or special diets, not taking supplements, or some regimen requiring obscure ingredients. Admittedly, several weeks of trial lead me to suspect that it’s romaine lettuce that tears up my stomach. Of course, being Danish and pigheaded, that means I have cut way back on romaine…but if it shows up on my plate in a restaurant or when I’m a guest, I’ll eat it anyway. It’s not going to kill me. And it’s full of vitamins.

It’s necessary to keep things in perspective: your body’s a complicated piece of machinery and sometimes if you stop worrying about patching it up with potions and nostrums for every minor ill, especially the ones that we’re all suffering from, from time to time, and just take care of regular maintenance…you may well feel better without having to work so hard at it. Sunshine, fresh air, physical exertion, lots of veggies and whole grains, and non-processed foods, adequate sleep, lots of laughter and human touch -- they won't cure everything, but if you concentrate on getting enough of all of those, it will certainly take care of Forer's disease...and help your body out with everything else.

[User Picture]From: sestree
2013-01-30 12:01 am (UTC)
Grandma Nell thought 'bout everything could be cured with judicious amounts of either:

homemade cough syrup with local bee's honey (and comb) and big dollup of bourbon in it

or for the teens

dandelion wine with a much larger dollup of bourbon

or for adults she just kept a bottle in the freezer.

We were healthy. We were happy. We were never on antibiotics, we rarely if ever took aspirin and we slept outside -- hell my senior year we had a large outside slumber party with booze and 2 kegs. If you were hot in the house you went and slept outside. Fixed that didn't it?

There ya go ;) Life in the sticks.
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[User Picture]From: terribleturnip
2013-01-30 06:36 pm (UTC)
Heh, I read that as "judicious amounts of ether" and thought, you go, Grandma Nell!
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[User Picture]From: sestree
2013-02-01 11:53 pm (UTC)
OH HA !! No sweetie, she just fed us hallucinogenic tea and booze.

Cured cramps like a pro though.
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