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Words. [Apr. 30th, 2013|03:04 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Running a couple of errands today, I ran into several amusements. First I got behind a home contractor van labeled Hyman Restoration, which made me giggle a little. It’s an actual name and I’m sure most people are mature and don’t think anything of it. But I’m not, and I did.

Then when I was at the post office behind a man who had several packages marked Fraigle. The gentleman in question was clearly not a native English speaker, so it’s an understandable error. But I’ve adopted it and when I got back to work and a colleague asked me how I was feeling, I couldn’t resist saying “I’m feeling a little fraigle” which made me happy and less fragile-feeling.

On the way back to work I got behind a truck that had vinyl letters on its back window: There is a differance in “living” and “living well”.

There’s also a difference between those who recognize their grammar/spelling limitations and those who think proofreading is for sissies, happily proclaiming those limitations to the world.

Know your limitations my friend, and find a way around them.

[User Picture]From: silvrwillow
2013-05-01 11:46 pm (UTC)
"Hyman Restoration" - obviously I'm only 8 because I'm giggling too....
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