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AIYEE! [Aug. 1st, 2013|04:21 pm]

One of the things I love about my corner of the veal pens is that I have a window. And beyond the parking lot/garage is woods. And on either side of the building to the right and left, are ponds. And I'm on the sixth floor. So, there are crows going back and forth to their rookery, vultures flying by, great blue herons, hawks, ravens, and even some small birds like goldfinches doing their swoopy flit. And sometimes they fly really, really close to the building, so I get a great level view. Which is cool.

However, that also means that when I look up and see a giant bug suspended outside my window, there's a fair measure of freakout. Because a heron flying by, okay, that's cool, and my brain does the math on how big a bird that far away actually is. Sadly, it does the same math on a stinkbug, not factoring in that the stinkbug is actually on the surface of the window, not 25 yards away, so my head keeps making it much, much bigger.

Yes, "keeps making it".

I'm starting to wonder just how many times I'm going to look up, have a little freakout, AGAIN, before my brain gets too exhausted to screw up the perspective any more. I'm hoping the damn thing will just fly off soon, because my brain's feeling pretty energetic.