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Monday: holding it together just long enough to get back home and to bed. - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Monday: holding it together just long enough to get back home and to bed. [Sep. 23rd, 2013|02:55 pm]
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Dear Monday,
A pimple inside my nostril? You suck.

(I’m well aware that it’s probably my body’s fault, but it was a rough weekend, albeit in a good way, and my body’s so pre-occupied with little aches and pains and exhaustion that it was probably just vulnerable to peer pressure and Monday led it astray. As Mondays are WONT TO DO.)

Dear Bed,
I do love you so. Especially on Monday nights when I can convince myself that going to bed at 9am is okay.

Dear Cats,
On Mondays, for the love of god, please throw up ANYWHERE but on the bed. In a shoe is even fine. But all I want to do is fall into bed on Monday night. NOT clean up cat puke, throw in a load of laundry because of course, it's Monday, so there are no clean sheets or blankets and then have to convince myself that I WANTED to stay up late waiting for things to wash and dry so I could make the bed up.

A colleague who came out over the weekend to visit the Faire asked me this morning “Oh, my god, how do you do that week after week! I was exhausted on Sunday and am still exhausted, but you do two full days of that, then work all week, and then do it again. I’d die!” And she’s probably never thought about the Faire related laundry, dishes, packing/unpacking, shopping, and household chores and obligations that need to all be taken care of during the week because really, there’s no weekend time to mow the lawn or vacuum, is there?

The short answer is “I have no idea how I do it. I just do.” And that’s probably 95% of it, right there. When you’re used to “going” all the time, day after day, with no breaks, no great periods of relaxation, lying around, doing nothing, it just feels kind of normal to stay in hyperdrive. Don’t get me wrong, Monday nights usually include a good hour to two hours of sitting on the couch, watching a show. At most, some laundry-folding will happen. And I’ll probably have at least started some laundry and done some chores beforehand…but then it is lying on the couch time, and I TREASURE it. It feels all indulgent and pampering. So, do I do that less often than most people? Probably. But I think I squeeze a lot more value out of it.

Yeah, yeah, it’s one thing after another. But a LOT of those things are sharing good times with friends and family. Sure, I could skip the shanty sing, (and I really do from time to time because even I have limitations and will shut some stuff down in order to breathe) but that’s always quality time with a certain group of friends, and singing sea songs loudly, vaguely off-key, is pretty fun. Going

Heh. I think I’ve found what’s probably my motto: Squeezing the snot out of Life.

Dear Congress, while I’m all about positive reinforcement, sometimes a behavior is dysfunctional or dangerous enough that it needs to be extinguished quickly, without the luxury of re-directing the impulses toward a positive behavior that can be rewarded. Seriously. The budget. Clearly you have learned and embraced the complete lack of consequences that comes from shutting down the government because you’re too busy playing “let’s make it look like the other guy is the bad guy”. And while I’d love to have the luxury of having the time to demonstrate that actually governing the country, that cooperating and negotiating with the other side, that doing what’s best for the COUNTRY, not your political PARTY, is what you should be doing…clearly, after several cycles of hurting others and getting away with it, holding the nation HOSTAGE for your own political gain, doesn’t have quite the negative consequences it should have. So. For every day you shut down the government, you lose a week’s pay. And when the government starts back up again, you don’t get it back. Plus, I’m locking you in the Senate/House and feeding you nothing but beans and rice. Pack away your posturing, pandering expletive self and GET ON WITH IT. Afraid your constituency won’t re-elect you if you “cave”…then try appealing to a constituency that understands that it’s actually called negotiation and that no one will get everything that they want because…that’s called FAIR.

[User Picture]From: silvrwillow
2013-09-24 12:14 am (UTC)
About the Congress part?? A-f'ing-men. C'mon America, let's clean house! How about: afraid your constituency won't re-elect you if you shut it down & keep on having these same stupid budget crisis battles every few weeks. I'm sick of hearing about them. If you haven't learned how to play nice yet, let's get somebody ELSE in there who can at least TRY.
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