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It is NOT a football game, people - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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It is NOT a football game, people [Mar. 25th, 2008|12:16 pm]
I'm pretty appalled at the, oh, that damn lying journalist friend of ours knows the word for it -- not media coverage of the election race, but the special interest and editorializing and all that extra stuff -- and to be fair, I get it from friends and family as well.

My mother who urges me to vote for Hillary because women have to stick together. If you're a black woman, you've got to decide, do you vote race or sex -- what's more important, having a woman president or having a black president?

I'm sorry, but shouldn't we be voting for the most competent person? Or the person whose views/record seem most like what we'd like to see reflected in our presidency.

(Snicker. Like I really believe anything they say or that any of them have the backbone to kill their future career with the party. Maybe McCain, since he'll be unelectable in four years, because by then he'll be old and those jowls will have continued to grow to the point where he'll look like a deranged albino Orangutan.)

So really, I choose the person who will pander to the groups that I will find it least offensive to be screwed by. (There is a way to make that sentence grammatically correct, but it sounds so jacked up that only William F. Buckley would approve and he's dead, so the hell with him.) I'm a dyed in the wool (what an odd saying) middle of the road (well, that one's clearer) unaffiliated (I preferred "independent") moderate, more or less. But generally, I prefer to take it up the ass from the environmentalists than big oil. I'd rather wash off Patchouli than Brylcreem.

But still, issues, voting record, hell - attendance, health, intelligence, demonstration that they follow basic civilized rules and do their taxes on time, pay their parking tickets and recycle.

These are all very valid reasons to choose a candidate.

But choosing your candidate based on skin color or sex?

Ummmm, isn't that racist/sexist? Aren't we supposed to, if not be completely over those demons, at least grappling with them, refusing to give into them?

Now admittedly, I tend to just read headlines and ledes. (Any more and I get a throbbing headache. Besides I only have so much time and there is far more interesting reading to do. Snakes in luggage, bee dances, bat die-offs, genetic mysteries unraveled. Really, in the long run, these are the important things to me. Not someone's opinion of other people's opinions about an election that I'm probably powerless to affect.) So, maybe somewhere in the story this is coming out and I'm just too ADD to notice it. (Okay, and I have a whopping ten minutes a day to read the paper.) But I remain skeptical.

This is NOT a football game, people. You don't choose the candidate because you like the color of their jerseys. Or because they have a cute quarterback. Or because they're based in your old hometown. Hell, cussed independent that I am, I'd have you ignore their party affiliations. You shouldn't have to feel that you're being bold and a risk taker because you're considering voting for the "other" party. Choose the best person you can.

This is America, damnit, where a black woman should feel free to vote for a white man and a white man should feel free to vote for a black woman and I guess I should just be glad that none of the candidates is differently-abled, because I really don't want to have to deal with the guilt-pressure of voting against the special-needs guy wearing a helmet.

From: pyrateatlarge
2008-03-25 05:00 pm (UTC)
I agree. I refuse to use my vote till a black woman in a helmet runs for president.
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[User Picture]From: pyllgrum
2008-03-25 07:33 pm (UTC)
Actually, I have read a neologism for the commercial and political punditry which constantly bombards us in the 24 hour a day news cycle. The need for talking heads and web bloggers to outdo each other and portray a new perspective every day is "pundustry".
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[User Picture]From: ferlonda
2008-03-25 07:42 pm (UTC)
"...deranged albino Orangutan." Dang, if that Orangutan was an honest person without a whole lot of parking tickets or into paying for illegal sexual activities while yapping about how evil paying for sexual activities is and, finally, more Patchouli than Brylcreme, I'd vote for him/her/them/whatever.

Voting for the favorite team jersey is what got us into this insane mess. I am NOT going to "stick" with Hilary because she's a woman any more than I'll "stick" with Obama cause he's so pretty and photographs well. And I would happily and guilt-freely not vote for someone in a helmet if they're not a good person for the job.

GRRR. This stuff makes me crazy! I think I'll go shopping. :)
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[User Picture]From: lowlandscot
2008-03-25 10:30 pm (UTC)
Of course it's not a football game. If it was a football game, it would be more fun to watch, the commercials would be better, and I wouldn't have to go to geek sites like intrade.com to place a bet.
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[User Picture]From: terribleturnip
2008-03-26 12:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but then the whole primary and election process would happen in football minutes....AUGH! It already seems to go on forever! (I'm NOT a football fan, despite four years at Penn State...) Although, given a choice, I'd rather follow football for a season that have to listen to all of the election cr...stuff.
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