terribleturnip (terribleturnip) wrote,

Thanks, Weather!

Thank you for one final gigantic thumbing of your nose: by finishing up five weekends of some of the most heinous festival weather Virginia has to offer with several absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful spring days.

Thanks. I really expletive deleted in gerund form appreciate it.


I think that was what made this past season so hard. I think I could have borne all of the rest of it -- but to watch our vendors suffer slow sales due to rain and infernos, our cast/crew bravely try to carry on under less than felicitous conditions...AFTER having spent the morning repairing/re-rigging tents torn down by high winds, hail and heavy rain, or pulling vehicles out of axle-hugging mud.

Sure, it wasn't MY fault...but that's not how it felt. While my empathy pouch is small and often empty, my responsibility pouch is like a black hole. (Go ahead, you wouldn't be the first to call it a "martyr pouch"...kick me when I'm down...grin)
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