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Thanks! [Aug. 15th, 2008|09:50 am]
Sorry to panic you all -- now that I re-read my post I can see how that came out wrong. I've just been filling out FORMS a lot lately and single/married are the typical options.

Single from a legal standpoint. Not from a practical or heart perspective. Which enabled me to fulfill the missions I was charged with by several of you.

Seriously, though, it really wasn't such a big deal, as it's all so damn amicable -- the four of us had a cookout/champagne toast planned for last night -- but Virginia Faire tax deadline had me in a stranglehold and the Ex (hey, I can drop the STB!) is in the middle of some kind of awful hazing on the way to an officer commission.

I also got major kudos for the hot cup and rubber glove dog and pony show I put on yesterday at work. (Wow, that's sounds awful in SO many ways...) So, I got to float on that for a while. So, when I got home to a hysterical dog, a near-repeat of the poo incident of last week (I used to love thunderstorms...not any more...) it was depressing, but I dealt. It's supposed to thunder again today, so I'm going to head home to walk them over lunch. At least I can try to empty him out. And give him a Benadryl to make him drowsy.

Anyway, grateful for a relationship ending that was mild enough to make it possible for me to curb my inner Bitch & Four-Year-Old and keep things civil and friendly. It didn't always seem like it, but it was worth it in the end.

Now, back to the grindstone -- since the kudos of yesterday have already been erased by the "you're late, it's wrong, do this" etc.