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Cleaning out the actual attic - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cleaning out the actual attic [Aug. 18th, 2008|01:51 pm]
Well, I missed a lot of the gorgeousness of the weekend and many of the fun events, but in order to fix the part of the house that is falling down, I have to empty said space. The space in question is a very large room that has been known as The Closet, so you may be able to imagine what a big task this is. It's held all of Halloween, plus games, projects, excess cooking/kitchen stuff, magazines I really need to go through before I throw them out, etc., etc. ad infi-yardsale. I hated to miss everything else, but the Scary Perry picnic (wherein we touch base, bond, remark on the inherent scaryness of wieners, plus the iron of "ween" being in the middle...and of course, the season must be launched by someone using the word "diaphanous". Don't bother asking, you probably haven't had enough wine.) and the yard sale had to happen. In addition to The Closet, the large storage closet at the back of the dining room also has to temporarily go. This is a big giant OMG, as I am the storer of my extended family's china, silver, table linens, etc. It all has to go someplace else for a month or two - and renting a storage unit is not happening. It must fit someplace else in the house, or it's got to go. I'm a Yankee -- if I'm paying a monthly bill to store my "S", when I live in a house, then I have too much "S".

Plus I'm lazy - the thought of packing it all up, transporting it, unpacking, then a few months later, packing it back up, transporting,unpacking. Again, with "this is how you know you have too much "S". I do, and I still will -- but I'm not going to admit it. So, instead I'm parting with a lot and getting to be a clever weasel about packing the rest of it.

Although, despite the title, not in the attic. I refuse to use the attic. I can't even breathe up there and whatever I put up there will never come back down until I move...so, screw it, I'd rather drag it up to the thrift store now.

So, while everyone else was having fun or relaxing, I was sitting amongst a pile of junk on my front lawn, watching strangers paw through it. I do suck at having a yard sale, though, since I refuse to bargain, which takes the fun out of it for a lot of people. Plus, I can't stop myself from giving stuff away to people for free if they seem nice and seem like they will enjoy it.

Too many years placing rescue animals, I guess....