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I'm back...but who knows for how long... - It seemed like a good idea at the time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I'm back...but who knows for how long... [Dec. 7th, 2006|11:51 pm]
[Current Music |Dog farts and cat purrs]

So, yeah, so yesterday, all set up, download a gabillion e-mails, wade through the ocean of spam, designate the on-fire need a response right away e-mails -- since it's clearly evident that many of the e-mails I sent out from my web-based mail did NOT get through to their recipient. Naturally, those tended to be the client and other really, really important or time-sensitive ones...

But, of course, down she goes and suddenly, when I've got an outbox full of outgoing messages...no internet connection. Zippo. Little red light on the modem. Like it's not even going to try...


Try to work things out myself. Give up and resign myself to tech support. Dick around with that for awhile until the guy tells me that we'll just have to reconfigure the modem again. But it's 10:30, I'm exhausted and ready to throw the whole computer out the window. And was looking forward to a tough day of cooking the next day -- a regular session plus extra stuff for the client's office party. So, I just can't deal and beg off and promise to call back and do it tonight.

Which I did...what do you suppose the odds are that one of the lightbulbs in the room would go out and out in such an emphatic way as to blow the fuse? Really. The whole freaking room goes dark...the backup battery starts beeping...the modem, which is 3/4s configured, is naturally, NOT on the backup system, so it's gone dark...

Obviously, I'm back online, so yeah, after stumbling around in the basement (don't ask me why the fusebox is located in a room that has no source of light...or where the hell all of the flashlights in the house have gone...maybe taken prisoner by the spiders that have taken up residence with great webby enthusiasm in said fusebox room) I get the fuse reset, the computer reset, get back in touch with Bangalore and finally, get it all fixed.

But really, isn't this overkill? All I can say is, if the locusts or frogs or plagues of boils start, I may have to re-consider this whole Christianity thing...

From: pyrateatlarge
2006-12-08 12:34 pm (UTC)
I'd let you borrow my deity but he fell behind the fridge.
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